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Big Oomp Records latest release “Outstanding (3:00 AM)" by upcoming artist Wix Patton, a Georgia born, natural athlete and artist with the ability to write and develop his own musical style is out and streaming now.  Wix Patton is conditioned to fight to be the best at what he does from playing in the Rose Bowl as a Tight End at the University of Georgia or writing under the mentorship of a Atlanta lyrical rap legend.

When he was told by the NCAA to choose between football or (music), it was clear that Wix Patton's goal was to build upon his fierce determination to create a future that included music.  "To balance my competitive nature as an athlete and pull out the best possibilities to grow as a writer, a lyricist and performer overall is what the future is about. Playing in the Rose Bowl prepared me to physically grind and keep learning to appreciate teamwork.  I'm working on my own growth while building as a new artist, using my voice and range.  Making music is my creative outlet. I'm in competition only with myself" he says.

While appealing today to multi genre music audiences with his vocal range when singing and witty rap capabilities, Wix originally gained popularity when a video of him freestyling at a UGA football team event in a Los Angeles comedy club that went viral during Rose Bowl Week in 2017. 

Following the season, Wix partnered with teammate Tyrique McGhee to release the song “Woah There,” which was picked up by Atlanta and Athens radio stations. His first single “100 Miles” has 1.2 streams and counting on Spotify,


Patton is signed to independent Big Oomp Records and draws inspiration from musical influences, such as Justin Timberlake, Chris Martin, Big Oomp and Outkast to develop his own style of songwriting. Notably, the Atlanta based Oomp Camp enjoyed the success of their global classic "Walk It Out" as one of the longest consecutive #1 singles in history by an independent label. 

The forthcoming EP is a hybrid of alternative hip hop and rock genres, Patton’s debut project “Everything OK,” will be released early 2023 featuring new singles slated for fall 2022 releases with uptempo "Outstanding", melodic "Higher" and lyrical "John Wick" and"Everything OK".

On the stage with his live band + DJ, Wix Patton performs under the moniker (Wix Patton and Nobody's Band) as they collectively create a viral, visual and performance experience with an ode to the The Roots, Linkin Park, Coldplay as live performance bands.  ​

Follow @Wixpatton on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and check out his singles "100 Miles", "Gelato Glued", "Why" and "Move That Baby" music and official videos now streaming on all major platforms.



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